September 23, 2022

Yuugen Studios Teams Up with Hidden Dreams for Three Exciting Projects

September 23, 2022

We've got some exciting news to share! Yuugen Studios has joined hands with Hidden Dreams. If you haven't heard of them, Hidden Dreams started back in 2019. At first, they were just experimenting with academic and business ideas. Now, they're a top-notch company that finds hidden problems in organizations and fixes them with cool digital solutions.

Hidden Dreams doesn’t just stop at identifying problems. They create whole new companies to solve them. Think of them as a company-factory: they spot a challenge, fund a new startup to tackle it, give them the tools and experts they need, and help them grow into successful businesses. So far, they've made over a dozen companies in areas like food, healthcare, and even medical research.

This is where our collaboration gets interesting. We've been working closely with Hidden Dreams and three of their companies: Abacube, North House, and Certainli. Our job? Building their first-ever digital platforms.


Abacube offers a digital service designed to simplify the process of calculating compensations for personal injuries and illnesses. The platform efficiently handles calculations for pain and suffering, permanent damages, loss of income, and pension losses, making the entire adjustment process more effective.

Who benefits from Abacube?

  • Claims Adjusters: No more wasting time on complex calculations. With Abacube, adjusters can shift their focus to investigation and customer interactions. We ensure all calculations, base amounts, and tables remain up-to-date.
  • Insurance Companies: Experience faster case handling, reduced costs associated with delayed interest, and more satisfied customers. With Abacube, you can be confident that all payouts are accurate.
  • Insured Individuals: Get payments quickly and correctly. Abacube provides a clear and easy-to-understand breakdown of various compensation items, ensuring individuals have a comprehensive understanding of their payout components.

North House

Every organization faces challenges as its governance frameworks expand. These crucial foundations often become bulky, tricky to manage, and increasingly difficult to communicate across various levels of the organization. Recognizing this, North House steps in.

North House offers a digital platform designed specifically to ensure governing documents remain easily accessible and up-to-date. But it doesn't stop there. The platform also aids organizations in swiftly embedding these vital documents throughout their entire infrastructure.

With North House, companies are equipped to establish, maintain, and seamlessly integrate governing documents. This approach not only reduces potential risks but also significantly elevates the chances of realizing successful business outcomes. In the realm of governance, North House emerges as a beacon of efficiency and effectiveness.


In the world of product development, finding the right resources for functional assessment of components is often the easy part. The real challenge arises when it's time to gather all the necessary component compliance documentation for product certification. Enter Certainli.

Certainli transforms the tedious process of managing component certificates. With its centralized portal, users can effortlessly discover, store, and monitor the essential test documentation for their components. Powered by a proprietary search engine, Certainli ensures users have access to verified test certification records swiftly and accurately.

But that's not all. The platform has been tailored to foster secure storage, easy collaboration both internally and externally, and even offers automated notifications for certificate expirations. Here's a snapshot of how Certainli stands out:

  • Informed Component Selection: Integrate early compliance assessments into the design phase, sidestepping expensive re-designs later on.
  • Boosted Internal Efficiency: Maintain a secure vault of all component certification records, encouraging seamless cross-team collaboration.
  • Streamlined Documentation: Preparing component documentation for notified bodies is now a breeze with Certainli's intuitive platform.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Eliminate countless hours spent on administrative tasks and reduce lead times from weeks to mere minutes. Plus, ensure you're paying only for the testing and certification you genuinely need.

Thinking about enhancing your component certification process? Explore the game-changing benefits of Certainli and consider booking a demo today.

We're super proud to be part of these projects. Each one is unique, and we're putting our heart and soul into making sure they shine. Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward with Hidden Dreams and their amazing ventures.

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