Empowering digital economies

Crafting a Universe Where Play Yields True Ownership

Stockholm's Nibiru Software isn't just another game studio. They're the architects behind the world's largest NFT-based game, seamlessly integrating blockchain, gaming, and compelling narratives. Recognizing the financial hurdles players face in Web3 gaming, Nibiru crafts experiences where engagement leads to tangible rewards. Their magnum opus, Planet IX, is not just a game but an expansive metaverse, featuring a vast marketplace, corporations, and utilities.
Players from all corners of the globe unite on this platform to construct, trade, and collaborate. To amplify this vision, Yuugen Studios partnered with Nibiru to enhance key facets of the IX Foundation website and platform.
Web Development
Nibiru Software
The brief
As Nibiru Software forged the groundbreaking Planet IX, they aimed to offer players an unparalleled experience in NFT-based gaming. This required a platform that was not only immersive but also intuitive, showcasing the vastness of the metaverse while ensuring user-friendliness.

With millions of traded PIX, numerous staked territories, and an ever-growing base of active wallets, the need for quality design and efficient development of the IX Foundation website and platform components was essential. Governance structures, landmark integration, territory management - each element demanded precision
The Solution
Yuugen Studios tackled this journey by first understanding the complexities of the Planet IX metaverse. Leveraging our design and development expertise, we crafted a seamless integration for governance structures, enabling players to participate and shape their world's future actively.

Our team also conceptualized and implemented a robust landmarks integration system, ensuring the uniqueness and significance of each in-game location. With territories forming the core of the gameplay, we introduced features that made management, trading, and staking more intuitive. Our collective efforts enhanced the IX Foundation platform, reinforcing Nibiru's vision of an interconnected, blockchain-powered gaming universe.
Reimagining Gaming on the Blockchain
Partnering with IX Foundation, we honed in on improving their platform. Our approach was centered on clarity and user engagement. We enhanced governance tools, developed an intuitive landmarks system, and streamlined territory management functions, from trading to staking.
By focusing on user experience and practicality, we delivered a polished and efficient platform, aligning with IX Foundation's goals.
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