Epoch Films

Capturing Three Decades of Cinematic Excellence in Digital Storytelling

Established in 1989, Epoch Films has cemented its reputation as an ideal of film production. With strategic outposts in New York, Los Angeles, and London, Epoch's journey of over three decades is a testament to their outstanding commitment to supporting directors, cultivating developing talent, and intertwining arts into every message.
This profound company found its digital partner in Yuugen Studios, where we shaped Epoch's new corporate website, encapsulating its renowned history and achievements.
Web Development
The brief
Epoch Films wanted more than just a corporate website; they sought a digital mirror, reflecting their ethos, journey, and the evolution of their storytelling. The primary challenge lay in presenting a vast repertoire of work spanning over 30 years without overwhelming visitors.

Further, they wanted to make their history interactive, letting visitors travel through time, witnessing the development of Epoch from its inception.
The Solution
Our team embarked on creating a website that's as cinematic as Epoch's productions. The website showcased its vast portfolio in a sleek, organized manner, making it easy for visitors to explore and appreciate the genius behind each film.

The crown jewel was the interactive yearly timeline. As users scroll, they are taken on a journey through time, witnessing major milestones, historical cases, and iconic productions that marked each year for Epoch. Every element, from design to functionality, was aligned to provide a seamless experience, capturing the essence and legacy of Epoch Films.
Legacy in Every Frame
Epoch Films' updated website truly embodies their three-decade legacy in global film production. With interactive elements, users can delve deeper into significant milestones and iconic collaborations.
It's a blend of historic reverence and modern design, offering an insightful overview of their journey with leading brands and stars. An engaging culmination, this site stands as a testament to Epoch's enduring impact in the film industry.
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