Monetize your video content

Monetize, Scale, & Transform Your Video Business

Streampal is an innovative platform crafted for the modern video creator, bridging influencers, small businesses, and even large enterprises with their audience in a monetized and seamless way.
Yuugen Studios was pivotal in turning this vision into a reality. We not only shaped Streampal’s brand but also spearheaded the creation of a platform that now benefits countless video creators across the globe.
Full-Stack Development
The brief
The challenge was clear: many video creators lacked an optimal solution to sell their content online without sacrificing a significant portion of their revenue or compromising on customization and control.

Streampal envisioned a platform where creators would have the freedom to design, stream, and monetize with ease and efficiency. This required a robust, flexible, and user-friendly system that would cater to both B2B and B2C sectors.
The Solution
Yuugen Studios took a holistic approach. We kickstarted the journey by developing Streampal's brand identity, ensuring it echoed the empowerment they aimed to offer their users. This was followed by designing an intuitive UI/UX for the platform, incorporating features like a zero-coding website builder, live streaming, on-demand videos, and comprehensive marketing & analytics tools.

The platform also boasts of a theme builder, allowing creators to personalize their video streaming service to their brand, combined with features like subscription options and pay-per-view. The result? A comprehensive video monetization platform that puts control back in the hands of the creator.
All-in-One Video Monetization Platform
Yuugen Studios collaborated with Streampal to craft an all-encompassing platform for video creators. Recognizing the pain points creators faced, Streampal’s suite was designed with ease in mind: a zero-coding website builder for swift site creation, a custom theme builder for personalized branding, and dual streaming options for both live and on-demand content.
We incorporated flexible monetization models, like subscription and pay-per-view, and integrated advanced marketing & analytics tools. This ensures creators can focus on content, while also optimizing their revenue and understanding their audience, all within a unified, transparent ecosystem.
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