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North House digitizes and streamlines governance frameworks management.

North House, an ambitious startup, set out to reshape the management of corporate governance documents. By developing an intuitive platform, they aimed to simplify access, updating, and distribution of these crucial files.
Yuugen Studios took on the challenge, turning North House's vision into a reality. Our journey with North House involved transforming a complex concept into an easy-to-use tool, fully encompassing the design, development, and launch of the MVP now serving its first customers.
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North House
The brief
North House is a digital solution for your governance frameworks to help ensuring that the governing documents are easily accessible, kept up to date, and swiftly anchored across the organisation.

Our task with North House was to take the often tricky and time-consuming process of managing corporate documents and turn it into a straightforward, digital experience. The goal was to make a platform that kept these important files easy to access, update, and spread across the organization.

The real test was to take these various elements and combine them into a smooth, easy-to-use platform that simplified a typically complex process.
The Solution
To address this challenge, we first took a deep dive into understanding governance frameworks. This groundwork allowed us to design a platform that truly addressed users' needs.

When designing the platform, we focused on keeping things simple. We aimed for a design that made accessing, updating, and sharing documents a breeze. We also made sure the system could keep track of changes, alert the right people when updates were made, and keep a detailed record of different document versions.

When it came to building the platform, we selected a strong and adaptable set of technologies. This ensured the platform was reliable, secure, and able to grow with the company's needs. We used agile development methods, which let us test, learn, and make improvements quickly.
Driving Governance with Ease
A familiar face - the document editor
Powerful features to manage your governance framework
Collaborating with North House was an insightful journey into the intricate realm of governance frameworks. With the digital platform now live, it's invigorating to see its transformative impact on the management of corporate documents. North House's ascent, driven by our unified vision, is a testament to the potential of intuitive design paired with robust technology.
As they continue to streamline and elevate the experience of governance documentation for organizations globally, we at Yuugen Studios are filled with pride. We eagerly watch North House flourish, knowing we've contributed to a tool reshaping a traditionally intricate domain.
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