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Telia x SHL

Ice Hockey Fan Engagement with Interactive Rewards

When Telia, one of the leading telecommunications giants, collaborates with SHL, the pinnacle of Swedish ice hockey, sparks are bound to fly. As two powerhouses in their respective domains unite, the goal is simple: to amplify fan engagement and strengthen brand presence.
With this vision, they introduced a compelling fan engagement campaign, and Yuugen Studios was entrusted with digitally bringing this interactive experience to life.
Web Development
The brief
The core idea, curated by Passion Lab, was to intertwine fan passion for their favorite SHL teams with Telia's brand, all within an engaging digital interface. Fans were allowed to win team-related prizes, turning their love for the game into tangible rewards. The challenge? Creating a platform that's easy to use, visually appealing, and captures the adrenaline and excitement synonymous with ice hockey while ensuring Telia's brand essence was front and center.
The Solution
Our approach was a blend of dynamism and simplicity. We designed an interactive web application with a central spinning wheel. As fans spun the wheel, they'd be met with a chance to win prizes aligned with their favorite SHL team. We ensured the aesthetics resonated with the fast-paced nature of ice hockey, integrating Telia's branding elements seamlessly.

Functionally, the app was built to handle high traffic, ensuring every fan had a smooth experience, irrespective of the surge in concurrent users. Our efforts culminated in a platform that saw hundreds of thousands of visits and massive participation in the competition, creating a successful union of brand promotion and fan engagement.  
Customer loyalty for modern brands
The Telia x SHL campaign was a big hit. Fans from every SHL team had the chance to win their favorite prizes, and they loved it. This excitement wasn't just felt in the games, but also in the videos below.
These clips show the happy moments of fans getting their prizes. This project really showed how Telia and SHL could come together to create something special for their fans.
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