Car insurance.
But better.

Flexible car insurance built around simplicity, value and customer experience.

Car insurance, as we knew it, is evolving. Aegis, committed to pioneering simplicity, value, and a superlative customer experience, is redefining the norms. Owned by the very people it serves, Aegis is a beacon of transparency, offering fair pricing based solely on usage.
At Yuugen Studios, we proudly partnered with Aegis, creating a mobile application experience that is as seamless as it is innovative, making every drive and every kilometer count.
Design, Full-Stack Development
The brief
Aegis came to us with a vision: to construct an insurance model where customers are rewarded for good driving, not punished for accidents. They required an app that would effortlessly integrate with their plug-in device, tracking distances and offering clear, transparent pricing.

Beyond this, they sought to make this experience engaging by introducing gamification elements, incentivizing users to adopt better driving habits. As the launch in 2023 is approaching, Aegis wanted to ensure that this app was not just a tool but a transformational experience for drivers.
The Solution
Diving deep into Aegis's core values, our team conceptualized a mobile application that champions transparency and user engagement. We designed an intuitive interface where users can easily track their drive distances and view their dynamic pricing metrics. To add zest, we incorporated gaming elements, letting users compete against themselves or others, collecting rewards based on good driving practices.

Backend development was handled with the utmost attention to security, scalability, and speed, ensuring that real-time data from the Aegis device was seamlessly processed. From ideation to execution, Yuugen Studios ensured that Aegis's mobile application stands out, promising an exciting and revolutionary journey for its customers in 2023 and beyond.
Transparent Car Insurance on Your Terms
Aegis has reimagined car insurance, emphasizing simplicity, value, and exceptional customer experience. Being customer-owned, they prioritize the needs of their clients above all. Aegis's model stands out: customers pay only for the miles they drive, ensuring utmost transparency and fairness.
With the Aegis device seamlessly integrated into vehicles, distances are accurately tracked, aligning costs with usage. But what truly sets them apart is their approach to safety. Instead of penalties for mishaps, Aegis celebrates and rewards safe driving, turning every journey into an opportunity for recognition and rewards.
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