A Social Network for Shopping

Explore, learn, and review in 60 seconds – real products, real experiences.

JULI is not just another shopping platform; it's a movement. In a digital age flooded with online shopping sites, JULI stands apart with its unique social twist, letting users explore, learn, and review products in just 60 seconds. This revolutionary concept reshapes how we think of shopping.
At Yuugen Studios, we took on the challenge to match this vision with impeccable brand identity and an intuitive UI/UX design for their mobile application.
The brief
JULI approached us with a clear vision – to be more than just a marketplace. They sought to be a community hub where users could discover viral trends, experience genuine product reviews, and immerse themselves in real shopping experiences.

Their goal was twofold: to provide users with honest insights into products and to revolutionize the traditional e-commerce space. They needed a brand identity that resonated with this ethos and a user interface that provided seamless navigation through these diverse features.
The Solution
Understanding the essence of JULI's innovative shopping platform, our team embarked on a journey to craft a vibrant, modern, and authentic brand. The brand identity mirrors JULI's commitment to genuine reviews and trendy discoveries.

In pair, their app's UI/UX design is engineered to prioritize user experience. The interface is clean yet dynamic, ensuring users feel engaged. Categories, reviews, and trends are easily accessible, promoting exploration and fostering community interaction.

With our collaborative approach, JULI's vision of reinventing shopping was brought to life seamlessly.
Shopping reinvented
A Social Network for Shopping
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